A unique place to discover Yoga.

Welcome To Yog Kaya

A unique place to discover Yoga.

Yog Kaya school is developed from years of Yoga teaching experience, from traditional Indian and western teacher trainings. School  is member of IAYT  and running Yoga Alliance accredited Teacher trainings.The philosophy of unity in diversity is part of our training culture, school  respects all traditions of Yoga lineages and schools ,

Yog Kaya offers Yoga classes ,Yoga therapy courses/training, teacher trainings & workshops – with the objective  to establish sensible applications of Yoga practice on an individual lives. It is a unique place to experience Yoga. A watchful practice classes encourage meditation as well as the more usual yoga postures, relaxation and breathing practices.

Our teacher trainings  will prepare you to teach safe, effective and inclusive Yoga classes. School draws inspiration from  ancient Yoga  texts, dedicated yoga teachers and schools.

Foundational Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training

Program is designed with the idea of Yoga Therapy. This course is the precursor for the upcoming Yoga therapy teachers training courses.
It is a very new and unique course. It trains you in the ancient traditional approach to Yoga practice and perfectly meets the need of modern era through all the way to the code of ethics, health, safety and professionalism.
Course covers all aspects of Yoga practice and prepares you to start a very rewarding and meaningful career in Yoga teaching to help yourself and others. The training is designed to produce most compassionate, skilful, knowledgeable teachers and practitioners. Training emphasizes on showing that the asanas are not templates, in which one has to squeeze the body. Each posture communicates with the body. Each posture allows the practitioner understands him-or herself better. It focuses on very individualized approach and highlights the understanding that needs of students are unique. Face to face training, home study, therapeutic aspects of Yoga, practical teaching assessment and self discipline are all part of the training.

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250 hour yoga teacher training in london, Yoga Class in Wokingham, Yoga Class in London,200 hour yoga teacher training in london, Yoga Therapy ,Pregnancy, Postnatal ,Hatha in Wokingham


250 hour yoga teacher training in london, Yoga Class in Wokingham, Yoga Class in London,200 hour yoga teacher training in london, Yoga Therapy ,Pregnancy, Postnatal ,Hatha in Wokingham

Yoga Therapist, Yoga Trainer & Founder.
Renu has Masters Degree in  Yoga Therapy & Yogic Science. She has 20 years experience of practicing Yoga and 12 years experience of teaching Yoga to the students. She had her initial training in India which she continued in UK and have got the Yoga courses done from some of the premiere institutes of London. She embraces all styles of Yoga and skilled in Hatha Yoga, Yoga Therapy , Pregnancy , postnatal birth etc . As a Yoga teacher she is dedicated to providing Yoga in its completeness, a practice that reach beyond the mat and into our lives. she believes Yoga is not only a form of exercise but a way of life.
She is blessed to have gift of yoga in her life, Yoga helped her in many ways. She has a profound interest in health, fitness and wellness which channelled her for the kind of work she loves. She believes Yoga is for everyone .Yoga requires discipline and is a very gentle process . She lives in Wokingham with her husband and with her lovely teenage daughter.

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