Yog Nidra Teacher Training

This course will deepen your own practice and encourage you to teach a well -versed Yoga nidra sessions.

Introduction to Yoga Nidra
  •  History and roots of Yoga Nidra
  •  Philosophy of Yoga nidra
  •  Science of Yoga Nidra
  •  Backgrounds of Yoga Nidra
  • Yoga Nidra vs Hypnosis Benefits of Yoga Nidra
  •  Brain
  •  Effects of Yoga Nidra on brainwaves
  •  Effects on emotions
  •  Effects on nervous system Key Concepts of Yoga Nidra
  •  Pratyahara in Yoga Nidra
  •  Sankalp in Yoga Nidra
  •  The 61 Points relaxation – rotation of consciousness
  •  Yoga nidra and prana vayus
  •  Yoga nidra and koshas
  •  Yoga nidra and 3 bodies
  •  Yoga Nidra and Chakra
  •  Visualisation in Yoga nidra
  •  Level of consciousness Becoming a Yoga Nidra Teacher
  •  Applications of Yoga Nidra
  •  Practicing /teaching Yoga nidra
  •  Developing your own practice
  •  Script writing / recording
Venue: Light Centre Monument , 36,St Mary At Hill , EC3R 8DU, London
Dates 2020: 8th March, 4th April 16th May, 20th June
Course Fee:£999
Course fee for Yog Kaya Graduates- £790

For booking and more Information please contact on : info.yogkaya@gmail.com


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