Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga

The word ‘hatha’ derives from the Sanskrit root ‘ha’, meaning ‘sun’, and ‘tha’ meaning ‘moon’. In Hatha yoga we practice the traditional Asana (physical postures) and Pranayama, along with relaxation and meditation.

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga is extremely beneficial to prepare you for birth. The relaxation-inducing practice has been shown to lower stress levels ,fight depression and reduce inflammation among other health benefits.

Mother & Baby Yoga

Includes  strengthening  energizing and relaxing poses with breath and pelvic floor awareness   and focuses on back and pelvic alignment it is very informative and easy to understand.

Yoga Nidra

Yog-Nidra is an ancient method, which can unlock new capacities of mind. Stress, frustrations, insomnia, and psychosomatic diseases which have become a part of modern man’s life, are being caused by our unstable mind.