Mantra Meditation Teacher Training

Yog Kaya

Yog Kaya-85 H Mantra Meditation Teacher Training

Pre-Requisites Students wishing to apply for the Yog Kaya 85H Mantra Meditation Teacher Training Course should have strong desire of teaching Meditation, Yoga teachers and anyone who wish to enhance and deepen their knowledge in Mantra Meditation.

About Course This course will prepare you to teach mantra related practices with confidence and depth of knowledge, cultivating your unique style and fullest potential.

Sanskrit Language

  •  Use ancient language of Sanskrit, to strengthen your own mantra meditation practice
  • Learn basic Sanskrit language for proper mantra pronunciation
  • Deepen your knowledge and experience different Sanskrit mantras
  • Learn the therapeutic and transformative capabilities of applying Sanskrit mantras in everyday life.

What Is Mantra

  • Requirements for Mantra Meditation
  • Classification of Mantras
  • Stages of mind in Mantra Meditation
  • Methods of chanting mantra
  • Benefits of Mantra Meditation
  • How to practice
  • Yoga/Practices to Prepare for Chanting Mantra
  • Assist your students in reciting Common Yoga Mantras
  • Teach and apply mantra in yoga classes and in therapies
  • Use the power of mantra for self-awareness, healing, and personal improvement

The Teacher – Renu

Learn to meditate on

  •  Aum
  • Green Tara Mantra
  • Gayatri Mantra
  • Maha Mritunjaya Mantra
  • Mantra for strength
  • Mantra for knowledge
  • Mantra for guru
  • Mantras for peace
  • Mantra to Increase Digestive power
  • Yoga Chants
Dates 2020 : TBA
Venue: Light Centre Monument 36, St Mary At Hill, EC3R 8DU, London

Course Fee:£675

Course Fee for Yog Kaya Graduates:£525

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By Renu