Ajna chakra cocentration

Yoga has been brought to the Modern world to make people healthy, flexible happy, young.

In ancient times it was purely practiced for spirituality and Moksha.

Most of the people will see success in Yoga by measuring themselves in performing perfect asanas (postures) which is useful to some extent, but you will still search for something after being  awarded champion in Yoga competitions, your classes are full, you have long lists of followers. You worked so hard and you are so disciplined that many people will say you are a successful Yogi. But why does it appear to you as that you have learnt nothing, like nothing has changed or happened to you. However, you are still the same from where you have started then.

What is your measuring tool?

This is how Yoga can be measured

Q1. Are you positive? 

Being positive is so necessary in Yoga success, it means you are fluid, flexible and you have high energy (prana) and you are on the right path your Yoga foundations are strong.

Symptoms of High Energy

  • Skin is smooth, clear and radiant, body is fluid.
  • Person can breathe easily and retain breath with no pain and discomfort 
  • Digestive fire will increase, toxin will reduce in the body
  • The flow of prana will improve clarity of mind

How will you attain this?

With various pranayama (breathing practices) with keeping your gaze in between eyebrow centre at Ajna chakra, where there is hidden wisdom which you need to penetrate. This chakra is storehouse of all knowledge and wisdom. Activate that wisdom by inner observation to remove ignorance and differentiate between right and wrong which give rise to many intuitive powers.

Chakra Meditation


  • Pranayama
  • om meditation
  • Trataka
  • Brhramari
  • Jalneti

Q2. Are you self-centred or egoist?

After practicing Yoga for long time, you are so caught in your routine that you have forgotten the world around you. You woke up at 4 AM, do you practice Yoga, read scriptures, eat healthy, are you punctual, you look good and get compliments and you are doing all good things but unknowingly you have started thinking that you are better or superior than others, here  ego kicks in although you never wanted this to happen.

Have you seen early morning sunshine as you are early riser?

Do you know your neighbours are in touch with your neighbours?

Are you listening to others?

Are you non-judgemental?

Do you have time for others to help them without getting anything in exchange(karma Yoga)

These questions should come up time and time again to keep us on track

This is where we need to start working on.

Ego has no place in Yoga it is like big immovable rock in your path no matter how physically strong you are, how well versed you are.

As Yoga practitioner, destroy your ego by opening your heart to be more compassionate and to be more kind to the world around you.

That’s why it is so important for Yoga practitioner / Yoga teacher to give some time to sit in contemplation for few minutes on daily basis to fulfil your Yoga practice. 

Take care of heart chakra (Anhata chakra) which is located on spine directly behind the centre of the chest. Heart chakra is directly connected with the part of the Brain which is responsible for all creative sciences like music, dancing, poetry painting etc.


It activates heart, mind and emotions.


Mantra meditation

Devotional practices

Karma Yoga

Camel, Fish and Cobra

And remember all yoga practices should be experiential otherwise we won’t get what we are looking for .

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